2007_03_r2d2.jpgTake this as your dose of levity for the day: As part of a big Star Wars stamp roll out for the film's 30th anniversary, the US Postal Service will have some mailboxes across the country wrapped with R2D2 decals.

The mailboxes will be in 200 cities, and New York City is getting a few. The locations mentioned in the Daily News are 43rd and Broadway, 58th and Fifth Avenue, and 33rd and Seventh Avenue. And for Star Wars fans, remember that tampering with a mailbox is a federal offense.

The USPS has a USPS Jedi Master website that teases a March 28 announcement. According to The Force, the designs will be announced on the 28th, and the stamps will go on sale May 25. Which makes us wonder if any engaged Star Wars geeks will rearrange their invitation mailing plans to work with the Star Wars stamp release.