Last night Gothamist went to look at the new R160 subway car for New York City Transit, which features one major change - the FIND system (Flexible Information and Notice Display). FIND replaces single line maps that are currently on the R142 (2, 3, 4, 5, 6) and R143 (L) that have bulbs indicating stops along the line, instead using a display that can change depending on the location and line that the train is running on. The Times has a couple of quotes from people that viewed the car, including a 72 year-old retiree. The R160 is part of a $952 million, 660 car contract that will put a test train into the subway system next Summer with further delivery starting in 2007 if all goes well. The R160 is built to run on the IND/BMT lines (the lettered ones), but no announcement has been made as to which line yet.

NYC Subway.org on the R160, some more photos on Tien's site, and yesterday's post in the R160.

Photo of MTA ad stating the obvious by Tien Mao