Why does the State of California treat its recall like a Bingo match at the local retirement home? Even the AP says it seems more like a Vegas Keno match. Apparently its a way to "erase the estimated 5 percent advantage a candidate gets from being at the top of the ballot," and Secretary of State Kevin Shelley says that the State does it before every election but "no one ever comes." Well, when you have Arnold, [Arnold] Gary Coleman, Arianna, Larry Flynt, and Gallagher...

And, according to E!: The FCC has told California broadcast TV stations of the standing equal-time rules that say you can't show, say, Conan the Barbarian during election season without also running two-hours' worth of, say, Diff'rent Strokes reruns to satisfy candidate Gary Coleman or Melon Crazy to keep sledge-happy gubernatorial wannabe Gallagher from smashing something. The rule doesn't apply to cable networks, however, likely leaving TNT's weekly screening of Commando safe for now.

Recall madness from the New York Times.