Christine Quinn might be slipping in the polls these days, but if you're in the market for an economical way to wrap your junk, she is your girl. Apparently, the City Council Speaker's been getting some grievances about those free NYC Condoms that have been floating around over the years, so she's going to make it her business to kick them up a notch. If she's elected mayor, that is.

The city started giving out complimentary condoms in 2007, but as anyone who's ever snagged a small Saturday night supply from Max Fish would know, the flimsy LifeStyles condoms have some problems. Quinn says she's heard a number of complaints about them, and promised the audience at Wednesday night's Black Pride Heritage Awards she'd spearhead a prophylactic revamp once in office. "I was at an event recently with a large number of African-American gay men, and they told me there's a very pressing issue as it relates to New York City's HIV work," she said. "They were dissatisfied with the quality of the NYC condom. So I want to tell you, we will be improving the NYC condom."

Constituents say they're prone to snapping, and a number of people have complained they're too small, rendering them fairly useless when it comes to preventing sexually transmitted diseases. "That is a serious health issue that we must address," Quinn said on Wednesday. And considering how expensive those fancy designer condoms can be—a Trojan Pleasure Pack can cost as much as $25 for a measly 36 condoms—some high-quality city-sponsored contraceptives would certainly be welcome. Let's see those poll numbers now de Blasio!