Mayoral hopeful Christine Quinn has found another way to extricate herself from her mentor Mayor Mike: high school exams. After hizzoner publicly scoffed at the idea that the city's single test for the city's eight elite specialized high schools wasn't exactly fair ("Life isn't always fair") the City Council Speaker has offered a more nuanced response.

When asked about the NAACP Legal Defense Fund's claims that the SHSAT, which is the only factor in deciding what students go to top schools like Stuyvesant, Bronx Science and Brooklyn Tech, discriminates racially Quinn said she "can’t speak to the legal issues . . . but I think the NAACP has a point we should take a look at. I don’t think the only way to find the best students is through one singular test."

Of course, Quinn didn't actually go out and actually blast the test (which you can practice on your own over here and judge for yourself), she just questioned it. But you gotta start somewhere.