With the 2013 race to Gracie Mansion heating up, it is about time we had another poll to pore over, eh? Well Quinnipiac's got your back, and their latest release has some good news for fans of City Council Speaker Christine Quinn. Apparently New Yorkers say they are totally comfortable with women candidates, black candidates, gay candidates and even candidates married to gays or lesbians.

According to Quinnipiac's poll of 1,017 NYC voters (margin of error 3.1 percent) the Speaker, who has been leading the polls since they started, is inching closer to the 40 percent she'd need in a Democratic primary to avoid a run-off. As of this month she has maintained her lead with 37 percent of those polled saying they would vote for her if the election were today. Public Advocate Bill de Blasio came in second with 14 percent, followed by former Comptroller Bill Thompson (11 percent) and current Comptroller John Liu (9 percent). The election season is young though, and considering some of her critics, Christine Quinn probably shouldn't get too comfy on top of the heap.

Meanwhile, the news from the poll was even worse for Republican frontrunner and former MTA CEO Joe Lhota, who most voters apparently still find "fairly anonymous," according to pollsters. Matched up against any Democrat running Lhota lost by margins of 3-1!

Still, the most interesting (to us) stats in the latest poll are about how New Yorkers feel about candidates who aren't straight, white males. Asked if they were comfortable with a woman, an African American, a Hispanic-American, an Asian-American, a gay or lesbian or someone married to a gay or lesbian as mayor than are comfortable with a business executive as mayor New Yorkers had lots to say:

27 percent enthusiastic and 64 percent comfortable with a woman candidate;
18 percent enthusiastic and 71 percent comfortable with an African American candidate;
17 percent enthusiastic and 72 percent comfortable with a Hispanic candidate;
15 percent enthusiastic and 72 percent comfortable with an Asian candidate;
15 percent enthusiastic and 63 percent comfortable with a gay or lesbian candidate;
13 percent enthusiastic and 63 percent comfortable with a candidate married to a gay or lesbian;
10 percent enthusiastic and 47 percent comfortable with a business executive candidate.

The last questions are our favorite, as they roughly translate into: Bill de Blasio and his former lesbian wife have a much better shot this year than supermarket magnate John Catsimatidis! Guess 12 years of a "technocrat" business-loving billionaire mayor was enough for most New Yorkers?