City Council Speaker Christine Quinn is still leading early polls for the 2013 mayoral election but that doesn't mean she isn't still watching out for her benefactor Mayor Bloomberg. In fact, this week she went and did him a serious solid, making sure that a Peter Vallone-backed bill that would require the mayor to report plans to travel outside the country or more than 250 miles from the city for more than 24 hours will not be getting any City Council hearings. Which essentially means it is down for the count.

The bill in question was partially inspired by the fact that our billionaire mayor from Boston was in Bermuda during last winter's blizzard. Vallone says Quinn's staff informed him of the its tragic fate last week. “I was told that the Council was focusing on other issues,” he said.

Reps for Bloomberg say the bill—which would not have required the mayor to say where he was going only that he was going—is unnecessary in the age of easy telephone communication, but Vallone isn't buying it. “We saw during the blizzard that there are times when the mayor and his deputies are out of New York City,” he said. “If another 9/11 or Mumbai type of attacks occurs, we may need to know immediately who has authority on the streets to make critical decisions in a scenario where phone lines may be useless and planes grounded.”

A rep for Quinn tells the Journal that the bill isn't totally DOA, just mostly. “in an effort to accommodate” Vallone’s hearing request, they say that the speaker will "continue to monitor the council's agenda." And if you believe that, we've got a bridge to sell you right over here!