2005_12_gigantefuneral.jpgYesterday, the funeral of mob figure Vincent "The Chin" Gigante was held on Sullivan Street. The newspapers report that it was a very low-key affair. The NY Post reports only "hundred mourners - and some undercover officers" were on hand. The NY Times suggests it may have been less lavish because "transit strike for one, and Mr. Gigante's preference for a low profile for another." The Daily News wrote, "Mostly, the funeral of the legendary Mafia boss Vincent (Chin) Gigante was a quiet reminder of an Old World Greenwich Village that is disappearing day by day."

Here's the NY Times obituary of Vincent Gigante from earlier this week; here's one of many favorite passages:

As a new godfather, Mr. Gigante quickly imposed extraordinary security measures. Genovese soldiers and associates were forbidden to utter his name or nickname in conversations or telephone calls. When references to him had to be made, capos and soldiers would silently point to their chins or form the letter "C" with their fingers.

The funeral was held at St. Anthony's, on Sullivan Street. Yes, the St. Anthony's that's right next to Pepe Rosso, also the St. Anthony's where the huge Christmas creche on Houston is - Gothamist walked past it last night and it's wild.

Photograph from the Daily News