In case you were worried, weather conditions today promise to be a lot quieter than yesterday, when several storm cells blasted their way through the city.. Lightning, hail, a funnel cloud in Queens and lots of downed trees and urban flooding were the rule across the region. While the city will see plenty of heat and humidity, and perhaps a late-afternoon shower, there's nothing around to kick off severe thunderstorms. If today's high reaches the Weather Channel predicted 87 degrees it will be the first warmer-than-average day this month.

More heat and humidity are in store through at least Thursday as the Bermuda High brings summer to the Big Apple. Look for highs in the mid to upper 80s each day. With all the humidity there will be at least a slight chance of afternoon and evening showers or thunderstorms.

A cold front currently looks like it will arrive late on Thursday. That will up the chances of rain Thursday evening and cool things down a bit by Friday. Look for weekend highs in the lower 80s and a continued chance of scattered showers.