wxch_sfc092108.jpgToday is the fall equinox! Everywhere on earth gets twelve hours of daylight today. The equinox occurs at precisely 11:44:16 this morning. That's fourty-four minutes and sixteen seconds after eleven a.m. Yikes! For a second there we were channelling Phil Schaap. The next few days don't look very exciting weatherwise. That's good as dull weather in September is usually quite lovely.

A barely perceptible cold front moved through the region last night. As the winds shift to come out of the east there may be a build up of clouds later today. The clouds and wind off the ocean will keep today's high to the low 70s. The clouds will gradually give way to a sunny Tuesday afternoon. Wednesday will be all sun and there's a good chance that Thursday will be sunny as well. Both days should warm to the mid 70s.

Rain might return as early as Friday, but more likely on Saturday. Next weekend's weather is up for grabs right now. There's a tropical low sitting south of Puerto Rico this morning that has potential for development. If that low develops and moves northward it may affect the east coast. The system bears watching but lots of things have to fall into place for it to be a threat here.

Current weather map from weather.com