2006_01_zeta.jpgAfter nearly two inches of rain since Monday night, and four inches of snow at Gothamist's Rockland County office, our local weather has turned quiescent. This morning's sun should give way to clouds later in the day and possibly rain tonight into tomorrow. The rain shouldn't amount to much and will be out of here by tomorrow afternoon. The weather through the weekend looks unremarkable, near normal temperatures and no precipitation. It should be sunny and in the 30s when the Giants kick-off on Sunday afternoon.

More remarkable is the formation of Tropical Storm Zeta, the last tropical cyclone of 2005. Zeta, the 27th and last named storm of 2005, formed on the afternoon of December 30th and became the latest tropical storm on record to form in the Atlantic, breaking the previous record held by 1954's Alice by a few hours. Now that it is 2006 the next storm will be named Alberto.

Elsewhere around the country, in Oklahoma and Texas long-term drought and unseasonably extreme temperatures in the 70s and 80s continue to provide ideal conditions for devastating wild fires. And in California, the rains that cause and estimated $200 million in damage have eased up.

Water vapor image of Tropical Storm Zeta from the National Hurricane Center.