Last night's cold front didn't bring as much rain as expected but it did cool us down and clear out much of the mugginess, making today feel a whole lot more comfortable than the rest of the week. The dew point temperature has dropped from a miserable 76 Wednesday afternoon to a reasonable 59 this morning. Our bodies cool by evaporating perspiration away from our skin. The closer the dew point is to our skin temperature, the less cooling can occur, hence the expression "yes, but it's a dry heat".

No heat, wet or dry, today. Also, no watches, no warnings, no alerts, and no special weather statements. The temperature has been a steady 70 degrees all morning. In an early Canada Day gift, our northern neighbors will be sending us more dry air all day. As that dry air filters in we may begin to see a few breaks in the clouds, which will allow the temperature to climb to the upper-70s this afternoon.

Tomorrow is looking sweet. Mostly sunny with a high around 80. The sun will shine on Canada Day itself although the high temperature will only be in the upper-70s. Next Wednesday, America Day, in which a Canadian band plays at Battery Park, is currently expected to be warm with a chance of showers.

Cooling off in Brooklyn earlier this week from ~Raymond on Flickr