- The Post is the official paper of the subway's centennial. Which means readers will get the inside scoop on various events and promotions, and the Post will sponsor nostalgia train rides, tours, and other events the MTA plans. Editor-in-Chief Col Allan says, "As New York's favorite commuter paper, we're thrilled to be the official newspaper of the subway centennial." That is so true - Gothamist sees more copies of the Post thrown on the subway's floor than we see the Daily News; AM-New York actually runs a close second.
- kottke points out an awesome site that maps out a couple of the world's subway stations on the same scale. Vienna is tiny while Paris looks like a cobweb. New York is vast (656 miles of track), especially next to Chicago and D.C. (so stop your "My subway is so much better than NY's" crap, non-New Yorkers). And yes, the images do look like something you pull out of your shower drain.
- Martha Stewart's jury deliberations were delayed this morning because of a subway accident (a man was hit and injured by a train at Fulton Street).