• The wedding date hasn’t been announced, but it seems like all the plans have been made. Alex Rodriguez is about to sign the richest contract in sports history- again. The framework of the deal is a 10 year/$275 million contract. In addition, A-Rod and the Yankees are working on a revenue sharing agreement if A-Rod breaks the home run record. One thing you won’t find in the contract is an opt-out clause, so this really should be until death do you part.
  • While A-Rod’s deal appear done, Mariano Rivera seems to be further away from rejoining the Yankees. Rivera is apparently upset with comments Hank Steinbrenner made about his age and therefore wants a fourth year added to the 3 year/$45 million offer the Yankees have made. It’s hard to see why the Yankees would go higher, the deal already would make Rivera the highest paid closer in baseball by $4 million a season and reports are the commissioner’s office is not happy with the initial offer. And, it’s hard to figure out where Rivera is going to find a better deal, Joe Torre has a pretty good closer already in LA.
  • And the Mets have finally made some news in this offseason, though it is hard to say this is a positive move. Yorvit Torrealba is coming to Shea for 3 years and $14.4 million. Torrealba is a great defensive catcher, but he can’t hit. Last year he managed to hit just .212 outside of Coors Field though he is 10-32 (.313) in his career at Shea. Torrealba will be joined behind the plate by Ramon Castro who is coming back to Shea on a 2 year/$4.6 million deal. This move may simply be addition by subtraction in management’s mind because it closes the door on Paul Lo Duca and the baggage that he brought to the table.