Mere days after a distraught tourist was talked out of jumping from atop Rockefeller Center, a Bronx woman was prevented from giving her life to the Hudson River. Yesterday a 57-year-old woman was pulled from the water after jumping from a ferry to the Statue of Liberty a little before 3 p.m.

But before she could go under, the boat's fast acting crew quickly jumped to action, tossing the woman a life preserver before launching a lifeboat to pull her from the wet (and rain tossed) waters. According to authorities, the woman is doing okay and was taken to Beth Israel for observation.

Crew members tell the Post that the "dazed" woman appeared depressed. According to a concessions manager on the ferry, "She was very confused. She told me in French that she was Haitian. She told me she didn’t want to live anymore ... [that] she threw her documents away outside before she got on the boat."