Want somewhere to live in this increasingly expensive metropolis without having to consider selling an organ or becoming a professional cam girl/guy? Ordinarily I couldn't help you, but today I'd advise you to hold on to that kidney and get in on a rapidly closing housing lottery for affordable apartments in Murray Hill's American Copper Buildings. At less than $900/month, you'll be able to save that kidney for something important, like a gambling debt.

The American Copper Buildings, at 626 First Avenue in Manhattan, have 160 affordable apartments for you to try and get into, provided your household income is somewhere between $29,898/year and $63,0606/year. The luckiest winners among you will have snagged a studio for $833/month or a 1-bedroom for $895/month. For people in slightly higher income bands, there are 2-bedrooms for $1,082 and 3-bedrooms for $1,247. Just don't dawdle on this one, the lottery closes on October 14th, and who wants to pay full freight to live in Murray Hill?

Aside from looking worryingly like the buildings are trying to tear away from each other, the development seems like a good place to land. You get a washer/dryer, plus there's a gym in the building. And if you care to pay more for these kinds of things, there's a rooftop pool and lounge upstairs. But maybe you should just get out and see the city as opposed to living some kind of totally hermetically sealed life. Also, there's a skybridge! Apparently the first one built in the city in the last 80 years. Just imagine standing on that, looking down at the little people, until one of your actually rich neighbors shows up to tell you to stop sneering at poors as if you're not one.