2006_08_tpaccid.jpgThe driver whose flatbed truck carrying bricks caused a deadly accident on the New Jersey Turnpike claiming four lives may have been fatigued while driving. WNBC 4 reported last night that driver Dimitrios Tseperkas had been driving for more than 12 hours by the time the crash occured on Monday. Tseperkas drove from Port Jefferson, NY to Maryland to pick up a load of bricks. And what's more, the weight of the bricks and truck combined could have been 500-6500 pounds overweight; witnesses say that the truck was unable to brake upon approaching a traffic standstill on the turnpike, so Tseperkas tried to swerve out of the way, which started to a chain of events that included a car being slammed into another tractor-trailer and Tseperkas' load of bricks falling onto another car.

One of the victims of the crash was 4 year old Theresa Christmas, whose parents and younger sister were crushed by the tractor trailer. The family was on its way back to Queens from a trip to Maryland. Her relatives say that she "knows what happened" since she was "awake during the whole thing."