If you haven't had enough of (alleged!) Bronx corruption, here's more: The NY Times wonders where over $100,000 in rent payments to a nonprofit affiliated with City Councilman Larry Seabrook (D-Bronx) has gone. The Times reports even though Seabrook and two associates "incorporated...the African-American Bronx Unity Day Parade" as a nonprofit, "It has never received I.R.S. approval to actually operate as a nonprofit. It has never filed a tax return. And, it seems, it has never run a parade. But in recent years it has netted more than $100,000 in city money by leasing space at one price from Bronx landlords and then subleasing it at a far higher price to three nonprofit groups whose rents were later reimbursed by the city." The Times also has a handy graphic that tries to account for the money. Last year, the Village Voice looked at Seabrook's history of being investigated, recalling a 1986 incident, "Apparently annoyed that a Village-based newspaper was poking around his affairs, Seabrook waved away [reporter William] Bastone and a photographer when they approached him outside his Bronx office. 'Now don't you two go and get AIDS,' he said by way of good-bye."