The Daily News showcased another cyclist/pedestrian accident this week, reporting on a biker who hit a woman on the Queensboro Bridge, fracturing her skull. Queens resident Lingbo Shen, 52, was walking home Thursday night when a 25-year-old speeding cyclist crashed into her from behind, knocking her unconscious and breaking her skill, collar bone, and three ribs, and causing a hematoma that made her bleed out her ears. She and the unidentified cyclist were treated at New York Hospital. "I don't know when I came here, why I came here or how I came here," she told the Daily News. "So far, I don't know who did this."

On Thursday, the News reported on a visually-impaired runner who was struck by a speeding cyclist in Central Park earlier in the week, and they ran a piece on speeding "psycho cyclists" earlier this month. But lest we think it's all cyclists mowing down pedestrians out there— just last week, a 31-year-old cyclist was nearly killed on the Queensboro Bridge by a car whose driver was driving on the bridge's bike path.