An electronic sign at the entrance to the Queensboro Bridge...oh, okay, Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge in Queens serves two purposes: to notify motorists that bridge washing begins on Monday (FINALLY!) and to cheer on Ron Paul's 2012 presidential campaign. The tipster who took these photos last night, Zachary Leven, tells us he finds it "highly ironic, as Ron Paul would undoubtedly disapprove of a tax-payer funded civic improvement project such as bridge washing."

In the past, when hackers have changed road signs to say things like "New York Is Dying" or the cryptic "SHIT BIRD ORL," they just erased the intended message entirely. Which makes us wonder: Is the electioneering coming from inside the DOT? Or were Ron Paul campaign funds used to hack NYC property?

DOT spokesperson Seth Solomonow tells us, "This sign belongs to a contractor and I understand it has been deactivated." At press time, the Paul camp had not responded to requests for comment on what the media is now calling Signagegate.