Over the weekend, a Long Island City woman was shot and killed the night of her 27th birthday party. Tara Webb's boyfriend, Terrell Carmichael, was also shot twice in the chest, but survived. Police initially suspected that Carmichael might have tired a murder-suicide, but yesterday, it was revealed that the shooter was actually Webb's sister, Melanie Webb.

The sisters had lived in the same Queensbridge Houses building together for the last ten years, recently living in the same apartment with Carmichael plus Tara Webb and Carmichael's four-year-old son. Melanie Webb was charged with second-degree murder, attempted murder, two counts of possession of a weapon and assault. Friends and family are trying to figure out why Melanie would have killed her older sister: "I don't know why that would happen. I would never think she would do that," said a woman who identified herself as Carmichael's sister.

But Deshawn Casey, a friend of the sisters, shed some light on the tragic circumstances around the shooting, saying that the whole thing was an accident, and Tara was never the intended target: "She wanted [Carmichael] out of the house and he started laughing at her, so she went and handled her business and Tara got caught in the crossfire," Casey said.