2006_09_northblvd.jpgSixty seven year old Yon Chong was killed in Bayside by a hit-and-run truck driver yesterday afternoon. Chong had been crossing Northern Boulevard to go for a walk when a truck hit her near 223rd Street. A witness said the driver "stopped short, turned, looked through his rearview mirror and then he just pulled off. She was going slow. There were no cars coming in either direction." Another person was in the truck, which found abandoned a few blocks away, and police were trying to find the two men, even using dogs to track them. A Whitestone, NY construction company appears to own the truck, but it did not comment on the incident.

And it turns out that Chong was caring for her husband who had a stroke. Chong's daughter in law told the Post, "We're all worried about my father in-law. He needs 24-hour care."