A Queens woman who ran a day care operation out of her home was arrested for child endangerment after an 11-month-old boy died in her care. The Post reports, "James Farrior was in the living room of caretaker Kristal Khan's home in Ozone Park with her two children, ages 3 and 4, at about 11 a.m. when the sitter went into another room...When she returned, she found James head-first in the bucket, which was three-quarters full." A neighbor told the NY Times, "A fireman was running down the street with a baby in his arms. The baby was totally limp and just hanging. Right away I knew the baby was in trouble." While Khan did not have a license to run a day care operation, the Times explains "the state requires day care providers to be licensed if they have more than two children — not counting their own — in their care for three or more hours a day on a regular basis." The ME's office is conducting an autopsy today. The Consumer Product Safety Commission has warned that drowning dangers to children are not limited to pools but also include buckets, toilets, fish tanks and more.