Yet more fuel for the "Queens is hot" furor: Zoning in eastern Queens has allowed for McMansions! Newsday says that the Bloomberg administration is looking into legislation that would limit the size of the houses. Residents have complained that McMansions are "out of character with existing traditional houses, and can overcrowd neighborhoods when the added space is used for rentals." Hey! If the city is looking into what that's doing in Queens, what about that overcrowding and de-charactering of Manhattan or Brooklyn? But what is interesting is how builders can put homes over 4,000 square feet onto a 4,000 square foot lot, thanks to many floors and putting garages on the ground floor, which somehow makes any other living spaces on the ground floor exempt from zoning laws.

Wikipedia on McMansions. MSNBC said that McMansions needed a makeover last year, but they still look crappy whenever Gothamist visits the 'burbs. Even though they are unbelievably roomy, Gothamist feels that we'll be living on top of everything we own in a city-sized space. Think "cozy!" and "Container Store!"