Jack Price was coming out of a College Point deli late one night in October 2009 when he was savagely beaten by two men, Daniel Rodriguez Jr., 22, and Daniel Aleman, 27. The sickening assault and robbery was caught by a surveillance camera, and by the time Price, 50, got medical attention, doctors had to put him into a medically-induced coma. He was hospitalized for 22 days and suffered a broken jaw, several broken ribs, two collapsed lungs and a lacerated spleen, the Post reports. At Aleman's sentencing yesterday, he apologized, while also blaming his behavior on booze.

"I wasn't there, I was drunk and under the influence, I'm so very sorry," Aleman told Queens Supreme Court Justice Barry Kron before his sentencing. The Daily News reports that Kron urged Aleman to use his time in prison to change his ways, telling the convict, "You made a major mistake. There's a major price to be paid but it's not the end of your time on this planet." Price, who now walks with a cane because of the beating, attended the sentencing and thinks the eight year sentence was fair. "I think he just got caught up in the stupidity," Price told the News. "I never bothered anybody. It's pretty much just a real big stupid mistake." Rodriguez Jr. will be sentenced at a later date.