A Queens teenager was stabbed to death yesterday as a gang of his peers attempted to rob him of his iPhone. According to the Daily News, 17-year-old Patrick Dixon was exiting a bus with a friend around 11 a.m. on 142nd Street around Foch Boulevard, when five teens approached them and attempted to take Dixon's iPhone. A struggle ensued as Dixon fought back, and one of the assailants stabbed him in the neck. The teens then fled the scene, leaving the phone behind. Dixon, a student at Thomas Edison High School, was pronounced dead at Jamaica Hospital.

"He was a good kid, he got into a little trouble, but altogether he's a good kid," a neighbor tells the Post. "He was never in anything gang-related or any of that shit. Man, I just lost my nephew," Dixon's uncle, Kenny Dunn, told the paper. Just last month, a 27-year-old Brooklyn man was killed in an argument over an iPhone, and they seem to be stoking subway crime. In 2005, Steve Jobs called a family and offered his condolences after a 15-year-old boy was murdered in Brooklyn for his iPod.