2007_03_kevinbrown.jpgNineteen-year-old Kevin Brown was senteced to 3 1/2 years in prison for his brutal attack on two Chinese teenagers in Queens. Last summer, Brown and a friend, Paul Heavey, drove up next to a Lexus driven by Raymond Liang, John Lu and other Chinese friends. Brown and Heavey shouted slurs at them and rammed their car into the Lexus.

Liang drove away, and when Lu got out to check the damage on the car, Brown and Heavey re-appeared and started to beat him. Liang tried to intervene, but was beaten as well; he tried to reach for his car's "Club" but Brown and Heavey took it and used that to hit him as well.

While Brown initially tried to deny it was a hate crime, a witness overheard the pair yelling, "You g--k, stay out of our neighborhood," and they were charged with hate crimes, which carry much stiffer penalties, by the Queens DA. Now, Brown has admitted to attacking Liang and Lu because of their race. He also admitted that he attacked a father and son with a hammer in May. Brown's lawyer tried to get him sentenced to a halfway house, but a judge ruled that he should serve his term at an upstate prison.

The Daily News had a quote from City Councilman John Liu, who was visible at press conferences speaking out against the crime last year: "It would have been nice if Brown was man enough to say 'sorry' at the end A hate crime against one is a hate crime against all." And Heavey will be sentenced today.