A Queen teacher has been barred from teaching in NYC public schools after he gave students oddly explicit lessons about gynecological exams (and venereal disease) in which he acted out the role of the patient. According to the News, science teacher Dyrel Bartee, 53, was fired from Grover Cleveland High School after students complained about the routines. On the positive side, at least he explained to the students the real reason why men become doctors: “men like being doctors because they like to touch women.”

According to a report from the Special Commissioner of Investigation, Bartee reclined on his desk and spread his legs apart for a very graphic presentation on childbirth in May 2011. The report claims he touched his crotch and said: “This is the doctors’ favorite part because they get to put their fingers inside their women patients.” Students also said Bartee pretended to be a woman giving birth, as well as a doctor catching the baby as it exited the woman’s uterus.

Bartee also illustrated the effects of venereal disease by holding "his hands in his groin area and made an ‘oohing’ sound.” The school learned of the strange presentations after students wrote about them online. He's been hanging in a rubber room since Nov. 2011, but continued to get his salary of $80,987 until he resigned in April. One former student summed up Bartee to the News: “He was both boring and weird,” said junior Laura Morón.