State Senator Shirley Huntley, a Queens Democrat, turned herself into authorities this morning to face corruption charges. On Saturday, Huntley mentioned that she'd be arrested, "I am not concerned. Whatever will be, will be."

While Huntley said, "I don't know the charges, I have no idea what this is about," today the News reports, "State campaign records show Huntley’s campaign wrote seven checks to her daughter Pamela Corley in September 2010 for a total of $50,700. The records note the payments were for wages, polls, consulting and office expenses — but Huntley would not provide further explanation. The funds are separate from thousands in state grant money Huntley is believed to have allegedly misappropriated to two nonprofits that she founded and are now run by family members and close associates."

Her supporters said, "Shirley says she did nothing wrong, so we believe her." The NY Times' Sarah Maslin Nir Tweeted, "Sen. Shirley Huntley just entered the courtroom of Judge Donnino in Nassau Co. Still in handcuffs. Supporters muttering angrily in back row."