State Senator Shirley Huntley, who represents the 10th District in Queens, announced today that she'll turn herself into authorities who have been investigating allegations that she misused taxpayer funds for a non-profit she started in her home. She told the Daily News today, "I am not concerned. Whatever will be, will be."

Last year, Huntley's niece and aide were arrested, accused of funneling state money (at least $30,000; the Post suggests the number will be closer to $400,000) into the Parent Workshop, the non-profit Huntley created. Today, Huntley said she would be indicted, "I want my day in court. I don't know the charges, I have no idea what this is about and I'm just here to say to you I thought that my constituents should know."

A spokesman for Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said, "The appropriate forum in which to respond to the Senator is a court of law, where the Attorney General will prove all facts according to the rules of evidence. Those facts will speak for themselves."

Huntley, who previously voted against gay marriage until changing her mind and helping it pass last year, is facing a primary challenge from City Councilman James Sanders. She added, "I’m running. My people know me, believe me when I tell you."