2007_01_policeline.jpgThe intersection of 94th Street and Ditmars Boulevard in Queens became the scene of a violent confrontation last night. An off-duty corrections officer shot another man during a struggle that stemmed from road rage.

Officer Emilio Maldonado, who works at a correctional facility in Bedford Hills, honked his car's horn when the SUV in front of him didn't move during the green light. The SUV's driver and passenger, brothers Chris and Leroy Kenner, got out and started to yell at Maldonado and pound on his car, which also held his wife and their baby. Maldonado shouted at the men, who then attacked him and may have tried to take control of his gun. From the NY Post:

"After they beat him up, he pulled out his shield and then pulled out his gun," the witness said. One of the brothers shouted, "Shoot the cop!" the source said.

Maldonado, who was bruised in the fight, shot Chris Kenner, 36, the younger brother, once in the chest, cops said.

The brothers ran, but Kenner collapsed nearby and died at Elmhurst Hospital.

WNBC reported last night that Leroy Kenner returned to the scene and tried to blend in with the crowd, but was noticed by witnesses. One witness told the Daily News that the argument was over someone getting cut off.

Both Maldonado and Kenner were taken into police custody; Kenner was charged with assault while police believe the shooting was justified. The NY State Department of Corrections said they were aware that Maldonado had a gun; off-duty corrections officers are also allowed to make arrests.