Everyone's favorite part of autumn is romantically watching the leaves change color and fall to the ground, a la When Harry Met Sally, right? The residents of New Hyde Park Queens are less appreciative: Locals complain that their streets well, stink, and the culprit is the female ginko tree, which yields a fruit that produces a controversial odor. The formidable fruits have been endearingly termed vomit berries, poop berries, and, our favorite, jizz berries. (This isn't the first time the ginko has attacked Queens.)

The seed of the fruit is covered in a flesh that contains butanoic acid. Not surprisingly, this chemical is also found in vomit, feces, rancid butter, and parmesan cheese. Queens residents are demanding that the smelly culprits be removed but the city Parks Department's solution is to simply stop planting new trees, rather than disposing of the healthy ones. Says one inhabitant, “The stench is horrible - it’s like a combination of dog excrement and vomit,” Foertsch said. “It’s a nauseating smell.”

It's not all bad news. Seeds found within the fruit are not only edible, but ginko biloba is known to help promote blood flow to the brain and improve memory. We'd like to see the residents of New Hyde Park battle it out with those Staten Islanders, who raised a big stink last month.