Angry Queens residents ended up in a tense stand-off with police at the 113th Precinct after they claim cops beat two suspects earlier Friday evening. Witnesses told the News that police officers began beating brothers Raynard Fields, 27, and Corey Crichlow, 33, outside the Baisley Park Houses in Jamaica during the 7:45 p.m. arrest. “The cops came up to the car and dragged [Crichlow] out and started beating on him,” said witness Gary Frazier. “When [Fields] tried to calm the situation down, they beat him down. Cops came from everywhere.”

Cops say they were in the parking lot of the Baisley Park Houses when they saw a drug deal go down involving one of the brothers. They claim that Crichlow, who did two years in prison after being convicted on drug charges in 2001, swallowed the drugs as they approached. Police told CBS that Crichlow violently shoved officers to the ground; while arrested Crichlow, they allege that Fields interjected and a fight broke out. At least one officer was injured in the fight and was taken to an area hospital with neck and back injuries.

But locals say that's not how things went: “[Cops] were kicking [Crichlow] in the face, stomping him, leaning on him with their knees,” said Crichlow's cousin Tyniera Hogan. “He was trying to get up, but they kept pushing him back didn’t look like he was resisting.” Fields, who had been playing basketball nearby before the incident, suffered a deep gash to his face during the brawl.

After the arrests, about 50 residents took to the streets and marched to the 113th Precinct to protest. “They were wilding out here,” livery cab driver Danny McLennon, said of the residents. “The cops shut down Guy Brewer Blvd. Not even the buses could get through.” Cops met protesters in riot gear during the three hour stand-off. No arrests were made at the station, and charges against Crichlow and Fields are pending.