It's one thing for local schools to take away bake sales and ban lego guns. We can go along with those, even if they don't necessarily make a lot of sense. But what kind of learning Nazis would dare mess with sports?

According to students and parents, Martin Van Buren HS Principal Marilyn Shevell would. They allege that Shevell has been waging a quiet war against her school's athletics department for the last year, and things have started escalating recently. She stormed out of a PTA meeting in the Queens school's auditorium last week after announcing the girls and boys basketball teams could play no games at home this fall; previously, she had the bleachers bolted down so parents and students couldn't come cheer for their team, the "Vee Bees." And she's limited practice for all sports teams to three days a week, instead of the six other schools allow.

"She doesn't want sports in the school. She's going to do whatever she can to get rid of sports," said Herman Crump, a former volunteer assistant boys-basketball coach and Van Buren grad. At the PTA meeting, Shevell made a statement that her edict was "to get the students graduated in four years," and it seems she feels sports gets in the way of that. According to the InsideSchools review, the school suffers from overcrowding, but Shevell "runs a tight ship: she clamped down on cafeteria snack food sales, for example, after students littered the school with wrappers." The real question people should be asking: what is Shevell doing about those infamous Van Buren Boys??