When Saintpierre and Claizile Silien, Haitian immigrants who don't speak English, saw their youngest son's bad grades on his 4th grade report card, they decided to bring their teenage daughters as interpreters and speak to the principal at PS 135. But daughter Sredeline Silien said principal George Hadjoglou wasn't just indifferent, but outright offensive to their family. She told NY1 Hadjoglou said, "You need to get out of my school. Take your son home. It's not my problem that he has issues. I don't give a f--ck about you all. Ya'll Haitians think you can come in and do anything in my school. No. This is my school."

Sredeline's sister, Jeansline, attempted to reason with the principal, who responded, "If you don't like the way I'm talking, the door's right there and you can get the hell out." At one point during the argument their mother became so emotional she fainted of an apparent panic attack. Witnesses claim the family was thrown out, but the Department of Education says the family was threatening the principal. Jeansline admits to talking back to the principal once her mother fainted, saying, "This is your fault. You didn't have to scream, everyone was speaking calmly and then you started screaming." Hadjoglou allegedly did not respond, but ordered others to call 911.

Mrs. Sillen was taken to the hospital, and Mr. Sillen was admitted as well after complaining of heart pain. Their son returned to school, where he is repeating the 4th grade, and sadly, has been blaming the whole situation on himself. He said, "My sisters called me from the hospital and then I was crying a lot."