The principal of Flushing High School was arrested for possession of methamphetamine on Tuesday night several blocks from the school. 33-year-old Carl Hudson, Jr. was charged with possession of a controlled substance after police found a bag of the drug in his car's center console during a traffic stop at around 8:35 p.m. Hudson's father told the Daily News that he was "disappointed" with his son. "He probably got in with some bad people," said 55-year-old Carl Hudson Sr. "But he's a good boy. I sent him to Cornell, NYU, the Ivy League for a reason—he was a straight-A student."

Hudson makes $133,834 annually at his job, which he began in March of last year, and has worked in the school system since 2002. Though he was arraigned on drug charges, Hudson ended up pleading guilty to a lesser charge—disorderly conduct—and was sentenced to a condition discharge, meaning that he cannot be arrested for a year or the charges will resurface. The DOE has placed him in an administrative position away from Flushing High.