With college graduates facing a lifetime of student loan debt and underemployment, it's not unreasonable for a high school principal to offer alternative incentives to teach children about the value of a solid education. So, it appears, was the intention of one Queens principal, who allegedly told students they could go to a strip club if they kept their grades up. Whatever works!

The Post reports that High School for Community Leadership principal Carlos Borrero is at the center of a lawsuit filed by a former staffer, who claims Borrero regularly acted inappropriately. In addition to allegedly promising to take students to a strip club if they focused on their schoolwork, staffer Stacey Long says Borrero told her to dress provocatively and flirted with her. Eventually, Long says she had to resign.

"This really caused a problem for me,” Long told the tabloid. “I’ve been a teacher for a long time and this came out of nowhere.”

It is unclear whether the principal fulfilled this strip club bargain. Note that if these students went to private school, they might have gotten hookers!