A postal worker in Queens was caught on camera last month opening up an Express Mail package and removing and taking home roughly six pounds of illegal drugs, according to the Brooklyn DA's office. Yes, postal workers are worried about their jobs, but stealing drugs from the mail seems a little extreme!

According to investigators, Lori Allen was filmed with an accomplice on September 10 opening a large Express Mail box, removing a number of smaller boxes and then refilling the larger one with bubble wrap and putting the box back. Though Allen is pleading not guilty to the charge of stealing from the mail and is out on $25,000 bail, she reportedly told investigators that she had been paid $1,000-$2,000 "by a person who alerted her that the package would be sitting on a supervisor’s desk."

The drug-filled package had been shipped to New York from Los Angeles. Right now it is unclear how Allen's informant knew that the package contained drugs. Also unclear? Who would think it would be a good idea to ship six pounds of drugs through the US Postal Service.