Is Queens screwing the pooch when it comes to giving dogs access to parks? Last year residents were begging for a dog run at Yellowstone Blvd, and now Long Island City dog owners are being told their pups are banned from Gantry Plaza State Park, which has long allowed them.

The dog ban is specifically on the piers and has been enforced since the park opened a new section earlier this month. The Daily News reports that over 80 dog lovers met at LIC Bar last week to discuss tactics on gaining canine rights at the spot—but a NY State Parks director told the paper, "The reason we made the change is because we have a serious problem with people not picking up after their dogs."

NYCE DOG, a nonprofit group that advocates for canine issues in city parks, is helping the LIC folk, but the president of that group says "we think it's going to be a bigger issue than just here. We're going to see what can be done for respectful dog owners to walk the waterfront in state parks."