A troubled undercover Queens Narcotics team strikes again: Detective Adolph Osback is accused of falsely arresting five people who he claimed sold him coke. Osback, 38, is charged with perjury, unlawful imprisonment and official misconduct in a 48-count indictment that alleges he falsified drug arrests from three separate sales in Queens; he was also arraigned in Brooklyn last week on separate charges that he falsified reports. And this is far from the first major incident related to Osback's unit.

Osback was a member of the Queens Narcotics team between January 2006 and May 2007, participating in a series of undercover buy-and-bust operations in the borough. Officials believe many of his false arrests occurred while in that unit. Two years ago, brothers Maximo and Jose Colon were busted on false charges of selling drugs by that unit, purportedly attempting to meet arrest quotas. The charges were dropped, the brothers sued the city and won a $300,000 settlement; the Judge in the case admonished the NYPD at the time for "repeated, widespread falsification by arresting police officers."

But that's not all! One former unit member, Detective Wayne Taylor, was sentenced to three-and-a-half years in prison in 2008 for pimping out a teenage girl at parties; in 2008, unit member Sean Sawyer allegedly shot an unarmed man to death in a road-rage incident (though he wasn't charged). The whole unit was probed in November 2008 after department officials found empty beer cans on facility grounds. And most damning, Detective Oscar Sandino pleaded guilty recently to forcing a woman under arrest to perform oral sex on him in a station house bathroom, and also forcing another female in police custody to remove her clothes while he masturbated. He currently faces up to two years in prison.