A Queens mother is furious that the man suspected of killing her pregnant daughter isn't being charged for the death of the woman's unborn fetus — and she's pushing for a new law that pro-choice activists fear might infringe upon abortion rights.

According to the Daily News, 36-year-old Derrick Redd faces a murder charge for allegedly stabbing his pregnant 25-year-old girlfriend Niasha Delain six times in the stomach because she refused to have an abortion. The victim's mother, Towanda Wimms, wants state lawmakers to charge him with a crime against the unborn fetus, who would have been named Aidan had he been born. "It's like this baby is not being looked at as a victim and that's ridiculous," said Wimms. "There were two victims here. This baby was intentionally stabbed."

Wimms has sided with pro-life groups in an Albany debate over a bill that would charge those who kill a pregnant woman with two murders. Pro-choice groups say they want to see harsher penalties against those who commit crimes against pregnant women, but they think the bill could be a way for anti-abortion activists to establish "fetal rights" — which could be used to attempt to establish a legal precedent against abortion. Pro-life groups say the bill is carefully worded so it doesn't infringe on abortion rights and specifically prohibits the prosecution of abortion providers.