A Queens mom with no prior criminal record was arrested this week after an alleged four-day, five store-robbery binge. Jodi Mendelowitz, 48, has been accused of knocking over three liquor stores and a restaurant, as well as a botched robbery at a bank, all using a fake silver handgun, netting less than a thousand dollars altogether.

The robberies began 9 p.m. on Friday night when Mendelowitz allegedly walked into a liquor store in Kew Gardens Hills, demanding cash while rummaging through a large pocketbook. Just after midnight on Saturday, she repeated the routine at a Chinese food restaurant in the same neighborhood. On Saturday evening, she robbed another liquor store, and on Monday, she attempted back-to-back robberies at a Citibank in Jamaica Estates and another liquor store in the area. She got spooked at the Citibank and fled with no money, and she was caught after a clerk jotted down the license plate number of her sister's red car at the last liquor store.

Mendelowitz disguised herself during the spree: she wore a wig of long black hair, a white baseball cap, a long denim dress and large sunglasses. She has been charged on four counts of second-degree robbery and one count of second-degree attempted robbery, and faces federal charges for the botched bank heist. Mendelowitz, who is identified as orthodox Jewish by FailedMessiah, has a daughter, and neighbors told the Daily News they suspect she may be mentally ill: "She came pretty late and said she had locked her 9-year-old daughter in the apartment and needed $20 to call a locksmith...It freaked me out."