Charles Oross, a 44-year-old teacher at IS 238 in Queens, has been arrested for allegedly engaging in a lengthy sexual relationship with a 13-year-old student when she attended his school [PDF]. According to the student's statements, the pair met regularly with Oross between January and May 2009 in his classroom for 6 a.m. hook up sessions that included "oral sex and physical touching" before having sex for the first time in June 2009. Oross is charged with rape, criminal sexual act and endangering the welfare of a child.

According to the complaint [PDF], after the now 16-year-old girl graduated middle school in 2009 she broke off her relationship with Oross, only for him to reinstate e-mail and Facebook communication in January 2010. That year, between 10 and 14, times Oross "picked up [the student] in his car and drove to a secluded location where they engaged in sexual physical touching, oral sex, and sexual intercourse. Oross told [the student] that he had a vasectomy and he did not use a condom." Their relationship ended again in March 2010 when the girl told her former teacher she wanted to start "hanging out" with friends her own age (Oross did later reach out to the girl again through her brother—who was by then his student).

In June of this year, however, Oross appeared to contact her on Facebook. But according to the girl, "she knew the Facebook communication was not from Oross and, ultimately, Oross’s wife identified herself as the source of the contact. Oross’s wife wanted to know whether there was any sexual contact between [the student] and Oross; [the student] responded that there was sexual activity." Oross's alleged crimes were reported anonymously to Crimestoppers soon after by a source that indicated the information came from Oross's wife.

Beyond the charges against him, the Special Commissioner of Investigation for the NYC School District Richard Condon has recommended to the DOE Oross’s employment be terminated and that he be made ineligible for work with the Department of Education. Since mid-November Oross has been reassigned away from working in schools.