Yesterday, authorities arrested a 26 year old man for causing 18 rubbish fires in Queens. Kareem Walters was spotted in a crowd of people watching a Rego Park fire around 1:20AM yesterday. The Daily News reports that Captain John Abbruzzese "recognized him from other blazes in nearby Maspeth," so fire marshals questioned Walters. Walters then admitted to the arson, saying he enjoyed watching cars and buildings on fire and how the fire department responded to the blazes. He told reporters he set the fires, "Just for fun."

Walters's first fire was in August, when he set a motorcycle on fire, but he also set fire to a few homes, using rubbish to start them. The fires were in Forest Hills, Maspeth, Ridgewood, and Rego Park. Walters, who lives at the Unique People Services group home, was charged with 18 counts of arson, plus reckless endangerment and criminal mischief.