Police discovered the body of a Queens man who was shot nine times execution-style at Howard Beach early this morning. Police haven't released the name of the 29-year-old Hispanic male, but a witness described what happened to the Daily News: “Two of the guys walk up to the car and popped him again while he’s in the car. After they popped him you heard his head hit the horn. His foot was still on the gas and the car kept pushing and pushing the other car,” said the witness, who called 911 as he watched the scene play out from his bedroom window.

The witness said the incident occurred around 4:40 a.m. this morning; the gunmen, who were driving in a dark-colored Lexus, were pursuing the victim who was driving in a white Acura sedan. The victim crashed into two parked cars at the corner of 155 Avenue and Huron Street; the assailants approached the car to shoot the wounded driver. The victim was rushed to Jamaica Hospital in cardiac arrest, but was pronounced dead on arrival. Police are still investigating possible motives behind the shooting.