A Queens man has been arrested after he allegedly threatened to blow up multiple police stations—and all because he was upset over being written up for a summons, which in NYC is like being upset over excess air conditioner liquid dropping on your head.

Police say that Richard Bolton, 30, called 911 at 3:20 a.m. Friday and said he was on 165th Street in Jamaica and had a bomb strapped to him. He claimed he was going to blow up a nearby police precinct, then head to Nassau County and blow up some more, all because he had been written up for a summons. It's not clear what he was written up for, though presumably it was less serious than threatening to blow up the NYPD, so perhaps Bolton did not think this one out.

It turned out Bolton was actually at his home in Queens Village when he called, and police arrested him a short time later. He has been charged with making a terroristic threat. He has not been charged with extreme dumbassery, but that's only because that is not a real charge.