A Queens man has been arrested after he allegedly punched a flight attendant and threatened to blow up the plane during a JetBlue flight from NYC to South Florida.

Middle Village resident Alija Kucuk, 29, has been charged with interfering with a flight attendant and threatening to destroy an aircraft after the incident, which happened on Thursday evening. Kucuk was aboard JetBlue Airways Flight 153 from JFK to Palm Beach International Airport when the violent outburst allegedly occurred.

According to an FBI report on the incident, Kucuk ran down the aisle of the flight just after it took off, around 8 p.m. He allegedly shoved two flight attendants, and then punched Whitney Rolle, a flight attendant who tried to calm him down, in the face.

"The altercation that transpired between Alija Kucuk and Whitney Rolle included verbal epithets and racial slurs by Alija Kucuk. During this time, Alija Kucuk also yelled … he 'would blow up the plane,'" the FBI wrote.

Kucuk was restrained and detained for the rest of the flight, and arrested upon arrival in Florida. It's unclear what prompted the air rage, and it would be wrong to speculate...but having said that, this is JetBlue we're talking about.