2008_08_Dismemberment_Mugs.jpgA Middle Village man was arrested on two counts of second-degree murder Friday after confessing to the killings of Joseph Odierno and Jairo Santos in a drug deal gone wrong. The Daily News reports that police raided the Queens home of 28 year-old Darren Lynch to discover "handguns, rifles, an AK-47 machine gun, a bulletproof vest, cocaine, heroin and marijuana, and books about serial killers."

Lynch was upset that he paid Odierno and Santos $20,000 for fake cocaine made of sugar and baby powder. Lynch's girlfriend, Leah Reynolds, was also arrested for standing by as he bound and repeatedly shot the two men on his kitchen floor. Newsday gives the most brutal account of the murders describing how he "cut up the bodies in the bathtub with a power saw and hacksaw before packing them in plastic bags and bins." He then buried parts of the two victims next to a dog's grave in the backyard of his parents, who are both deaf and partially blind.

Finally, the NY Post paints a disturbing picture of the "Queens Freak" saying that Lynch admitted to cops that he was sustaining himself "on a diet of steroids, cocaine and health food."