The Justice Department says Syed Omair Ali, an unemployed Middle Village man, wasted the time of dozens of FBI agents and cost the government more than $1 million as he led investigators on a wild goose chase. It all started in May when Ali e-mailed the FBI to say he knew of a terrorist plot against NYC. But officials say there was no plot, and Ali wasted their time for five months because he was trying to get out of paying back a loan to one of the men he accused.

Ali claimed the group was planning attacks in NYC and had "ties with the tribal guys back in Karachi, Pakistan, and has been planning on hurting our motherland." He also told the feds that one of the members was planning "to fund those guys back in Karachi, get the appropriate training there and come back and do the maximum damage." Ali wore a wire to record conversations with the men, and Assistant U.S. Attorney Daniel Silver tells the Daily News, "I myself spent last Saturday night at FBI headquarters with probably 25 FBI and NYPD personnel and representatives of other agencies, and literally the agents worked around the clock."

But after investigators began to doubt the veracity of Ali's claims, they confronted him and he quickly confessed, according to prosecutors. He's currently being held without bail and faces up to eight years in prison for making the false statements and ruining everybody's Saturday night.