In any story about a prostitution ring there are a few things you can expect to find. Fake massage parlors. Queens. Gambling. And this one has the added benefit of the madam in question being featured on "America's Most Wanted." An Soon Kim (aka "Big Sister Kim") has been wanted since 2006 for bringing Korean women into America with false documents and making them work as prostitutes in a ring reaching from Washington D.C. to Rhode Island.

According to "America's Most Wanted," "Kim played the role of an alleged enforcer who would take away all of their passports and documentation to prevent them from leaving. Police say many times the women were told that if they tried to leave they would be handed over to United States law enforcement or that their families in Korea would be harmed." A Mohegan Sun employee recognized her from the show, which aired in December, and security at the casino kept a close watch for her. She returned to the resort on Friday and was quickly arrested by immigration agents. She was also found with $17,045.

Kim is one of 41 defendants named in a complaint accusing them of running 19 brothels, with at least two in Manhattan and one in Flushing, Queens. First Craigslist shuts down the sex ads and now this! Can the city's men find nowhere to enjoy a rub and tug in peace? Now they'll just have to turn to the No Pants Subway Ride for kicks. (Just kidding, that's so 2005).